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Japanese Stretch Selvedge Denim That's Comfy Right Off the Starting Block

Fred Whitefield

Posted on May 25 2017

We love selvedge denim. It's the highest quality denim available. But sometimes it’s a little stiff and it takes time and patience to break it in.

Kato has done away with the rough break in period by adding 4-way stretch to their selvedge. They look and feel like raw selvedge, because they are! But wait, they’re actually comfortable. It doesn’t take two weeks of break in before you can sit down.

And while Kato Denim cuts and sews their denim in Los Angeles, their denim comes from the highly regarded Kaihara denim factory in Japan. (We’ve consulted experts and they all agree. It’s the good stuff.)

Kato Denim comes in three fits: the Needle, a skinny fit; the Pen, a slim tapered fit and the Hammer, is a straight fit. Something for everybody. From heroin chic to soccer thigh guy.

We’re proud to offer Kato Denim. Great fit, comfortable, great looking. (Enjoy the compliments.)

It’s another example of how Convert brings you beautiful clothes that make a difference.

So we hope you’ll take a look Kato Denim. We can’t recommend it too much.

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