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Sumptuously Soft Organic Cottons

Fred Whitefield

Posted on June 03 2017

A cotton top can’t be beat. It’s soft. It breathes. And it’s super comfortable.  We’re sure most people believe that all you need to think about.

Now we don’t want to bore you with numbers and science, but the problem is that the cultivation of cotton uses an intense amount of pesticides and insecticides. It also uses lots of water. And it puts off a lot of CO2.

So what’s informed, smart shopper to do?

The beauty of organic cotton is that is doesn’t require all those agrichemicals. It also uses way less water to cultivate (91%, according to studies), because it depends on natural rainfall and healthier, more water absorbent soils.

Best of all, it generates 46% less CO2 to grow. 

So that beautiful, super soft cotton top, is even more comfy and gorgeous when it’s made from organic cotton.

Organic cotton may cost a bit more, but we believe it’s worth it. Click here to check out some beautiful tops, shirts, pants and dresses that feature organic cotton.

At Convert our mission is to find beautiful clothes made by people who care about the earth.

Our collection of mens and womens clothes made from organic cotton is yet another example of how Convert offers beautiful clothes that make a difference.

We hope you’ll want to make a difference.



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