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BC Shoes

We’ve been doing business with BC Shoes for years now. They started out as a young girls fashion shoe. But in the last year they’ve grown up quite a lot and gotten a lot more serious about making shoes responsibly and more comfortable. 

Now BC Shoes are all vegan and certified Peta-approved. That means no animals were hurt in the production of their shoes. That means a lot to the planet, because leather production is harsh on the environment, not to mention, the animals. BC has figured out how to sustainably take a synthetic material and fashion it into a beautiful shoe. No one would ever know that they were not made from leather.

Further, BC has made a major commitment and investment to making their shoes more comfortable. And that means a lot to your feet

And finally, BC Shoes have become more sophisticated in their design.  The shoes can proudly show up at any event.

Sustainability, comfort and fashion. All in one affordable shoe.

BC shoes are available in our Berkeley, Palo Alto and San Francisco stores. Please come by and try on a pair.


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