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We'd like to share a story we think you’ll enjoy.
Fort Payne, Alabama had been the “Sock Capital of the World” for decades.  A small town of 14,000, Fort Payne boasted more than 120 mills, employing about 7,500 people.  That was until the mid-2000s when cheap labor abroad decimated the industry.  The 2008 financial crisis pretty much put the nail in the “sock capital’s coffin”.
One small mill, with some vision, however did hang on and we’re happy to say is doing well today. 
Emi-G Knitting was founded in 1991 by Terry and Regina Locklear and had been producing white sport socks for big-box stores until that business dried up.  Enter their daughter, Gina, who had a big idea to make sustainable fashion socks - Zkano Socks.
These socks are stylish and on trend, a compelling buy on looks alone.   But knowing that they’re made from organic cotton grown on US farms and dyed with low impact dyes, kind of makes you want to buy a bunch. 
We love this story and definitely love the socks and would love to see you as well.  So come by, say hi and check them out.

The folks at Aiken

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