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Cloudventure Peak - Black | Rock (womens)

Cloudventure Peak - Black | Rock (womens)

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Black | Rock

The Cloudventure Peak from On Running is a 2nd-gen super lightweight trail running shoe.

Made with Missiongrip™ technology enables firm bite on soft, smooth and hard surface.

Zero-Gravity heel enables soft landings as you descend steep slopes.

Upper is made from ripstop fabric that breaths and stretches just the correct amount.

Split forefoot design and narrower mid foot give you improved agile performance over uneven ground.

Sizing - Fits true to size

At Aiken, we believe that On Running is more than a great running shoe brand – it’s one of the up and coming ethical brands that is working hard to Make America Green Again. 


“You Are What You Wear.  Make A Difference”

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